Kamilah Aisha Moon

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Praise for She Has a Name:


"A fierce love undergirds the poems in Kamilah Aisha Moon's moving debut...She Has a Name is resonant in its grappling, wise in its recognition that what threatens to render them each undone is also inextricably part of what binds them to one another.”

–Natasha Trethewey

“It's hard to think of a contemporary poet who can confront the pangs of real-world intimacy with the truthfulness and acuity that blaze in these poems.”

–D. Nurkse

“When a loving sister makes up her mind to tell the unmitigated truth about her younger sister, her special sister, her wondrous and gifted sister, and she tells that truth in the most beautiful poetic language she can find, what is born is an unforgettable story called She Has a Name.”

–Nikky Finney

"In this marvelous debut, Kamilah Aisha Moon manages a magic poets envy: her voice is at once intimate and encompassing. When you think she's a master of the litany, you turn the page to find she needs no list to reach her startling epiphanies."

–Jericho Brown


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