"Moon begins each poem a different way. Her entries are like entering a room with great expectations. Her poems come from a mind softened many nights in reading, before the writing occurs. It’s a learned work with managed strategies of good craft as carriage. Poets who try for levels of persuasion don’t persuade. Poets like Moon who rely on the radical facts of our humanity, and describe them well, produce a physical as well as mental response. Some poems here make my heart beat fast. This heroic writing is in the spirit of Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddamn!" - Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books 

"Moon’s second book of poetry is an ancestral gesture as well as an extraordinary, successful assertion of Moon’s voice." - Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Kenyon Review

"Throughout, Moon explores the body and the many traumas it must absorb, confronting death, survival, and the space in between with grace and radiance."

- Publishers Weekly

"The good reader is expanded in the presence of a great work of art, and Starshine & Clay, is without a doubt a great work of art. Moon's poems are formally rigorous and deeply felt. Release this ghost in your home, let Kamilah Aisha Moon’s words haunt you, let them pry open your heart so you can know it better." - Anita Olivia Koester, Fork and Page

These are poems of elegy, justice, citizenship, and something altogether unearthly. Moon writes with wisdom, rage and grace of the slain, the stolen and the conquered. These are poems with the force to wake those of us 'standing in line waiting as if life is business as usual.' I find myself utterly ravaged and unreservedly restored.” 

– Tracy K. Smith

"Grief and sorrow cannot prevail where there exists such sympathetic and empathetic forces as those summoned in the poems of Kamilah Aisha Moon. The formal dexterity and range of this work cannot be conveyed so briefly, nor the joy and beauty of the words themselves..."

– D. A. Powell

Kamilah Aisha Moon’s unrelenting and gorgeous Starshine & Clay shows exactly why she is the poet we need in tough times like now. She is a fearless writer, one who finds unexpected music in our contemporary terrarium of violence. With persistent grace, Moon balances sensitivity to the world with enough fortitude to stare our cruel, collective histories in the face.” – Adrian Matejka

Select Poems:   Mercy Beach  *  Perfect Form  *  Shared Plight  *  Initiation  *  Catskills Retreat